Sunday, July 31, 2005

Who is this cat she's writing about, anyway?

Presenting Yaggie Diamond Simon Rodovsky!

Image hosted by
He's just a little over a year and a half old in this picture. :)
*Blaring of trumpets!*

Okay, before we really get going on this blog, I want to specify that Yaggie Diamond Simon Rodovsky, the cat which this blog is about, is not a member of the Secret Service of any nation. He does not work for, represent, or advertise the Secret Service of the U.S., or any other nation. The name "The Secret Service Cat" is intended as humor, a play on words, and a humorous reference to the fact that there are fewer service cats than there are service dogs or any other service animals.

So please, don't shoot, it is just a cute little white cat.

With that said, Welcome!