Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Genius cat, straaaange cat.

I just walked in on the wierdest thing.

So first I feel I need to explain the back story about Diamond's favorite collar and lead set:

About four or five months ago(?) H. and I were at this Moscow pet store called Pets Are People Too finishing up our purchases. This was back when we were still transporting the scooter in her van, so I was in the scooter and Diamond was in the basket. We were all up at the front register, but I had Diamond pointed away from the counter... I know I wasn't first in line but I can't remember why I wasn't pointed forward now.

Regardless, I happened to have him pointed towards this display of new collars and leashes that were all "glam" styled, stuff I'd expect Paris Hilton to have on her chihuahua. They were all in black, baby pink, or the exact shade of Diamond's blue eyes. Some had crystals hanging from them, and some had dyed... I can't remember if it was faux fur or feathers on them.

Anyway, I turn around from talking to H, and Diamond has just spotted this leash made of this sparkly blue metalic thread (in the exact color of his own eyes) and covered in these mini blue sequins. He leans forward out of the scooter, Snuuuuuuuugles it, and then lays his head backwards towards us and cocks his head and looks at me with this expression that's about TEN TIMES more pathetic than this:

Diamond begging to play outside.
And about three times as pathetic as that face Puss in Boots makes in Shrek.

H. and I stop our conversation and go "Awwwwwwww!" at him in unison as our brains melt, and I reach over and take a leash and lead in his colors. Diamond watches all this very carefully. He looked very concerned when I handed them to the cashier, you should have seen the look of relief on his face when the cashier handed them back with the reciept... LOL.

You would think the following would be unrelated, but I assure you, its not. At least I don't think it is. So Diamond sees me put bracelets on, either using my fingers, or my fingers and my teeth, all of the time, particularly because I make a lot of beaded bracelets and other jewelry.

So anyway. Last night, Diamond wanted to wear his "special collar," so I put it on. After we got home from hanging out with H. and her husband M. I took it off so he wouldn't be itchy at night.

So before I came here in my office to post, I walked in on the wierdest thing.

Diamond was holding his collar over the wrist of his paw, with one end in his teeth, trying to flip the collar onto his neck.

*Eyetwitch twitch twitch twitch.*

I pick up the collar and ask him, "You want me to put it on?"
"Well allrighty then!" *Placing him on the chair so he's high enough for me, puts on collar*

Okay, so explain that.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pet Emergency Preparedness.

The Red Cross sells a Pet First Aid Kit in their web store or at your local Red Cross office, so I've marked it down in my planner to buy one of those soon. You may not know it, but you can also purchase pet insurance, and that's on my list, too. First however, in October I'm going to have Diamond microchipped. (Boy is he going to be mad about THAT shot.) I found out in April that it only costs $25 at my vet clinic, and after everything I've seen this month, I'm getting it done.

I really, REALLY don't know what I'd do if I lost Diamond. Last week I read this blog post from Interdictor's accounts on Live Journal where one of the guys got his cat rescued and brought back to him, and in it he calls his cat, "My little man." It just about broke my heart because that's what I call Diamond, too.

I also need to drop by one of the local Fire Department and buy one of those shiny silver and red stickers you can put on your windows that reads "I have ___ cats in this home that need to be rescued in case of a fire!" as soon as I have the money. (Yes, of course they have one for dogs, too.) Not that Diamond's EVER home alone since he goes wherever I go, but I'd rather not risk it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I have strange friends. Then again, I do basically live out in the country. Today an old acquaintance came by and showed me her 7 week-old baby bunnies. They were all in a kennel with their mother, so we let Diamond meet them...

"What kind of cats are you!?"
Image hosted by

This is "Gonzo."
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Almost as teeny as a coffee coaster!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Update on the Stray.

It appears as though she came by last night and ate! I checked the bowl at 9 a.m. (I had forgotten that I had planned to add egg last night) and it was empty. There weren't any crumbs lying around and there were no birds nearby, so it appeared she got to it before they did.

I've decided to call her Mika. :)

Monday, September 19, 2005


And its customizable, too! I bet even Coriolis could love this!
Vaccuumable Cats!

As promised, here are some photos of Diamond willingly bieng vaccuumed. :-D Yep, sorry it is so image heavy, but there are not to be missed.

Here was our first attempt on the 14th...
Image hosted by
He was a bit restless and playful after his teenaged human playmate had come by for a visit and jumped down and ran away after I got just this one shot.

Oh, yeah! That's the spot!
Image hosted by
And now you know why I only have to wash him once a year...

Image hosted by
He looks like he's enjoying himself just too much... ;-D

A little down and to the right, please...
Image hosted by
LOL! Looks at his fur!

Avast! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Fortunately for you rabble, cats don't talk (for the most part, that is...), so there'll be none of that swill in this here journal. ;-)
Mmmmmornin'. *Bleary-eyed look.*

Apparently it is that time of year again: stray cats. Diamond woke me up about 45 minutes ago HOWLING at the time of his lungs. I wandered into the dining room and he chatted with me from the dining room windowsill, but it was clear there wasn't anything out there at the moment, so I got comfortable and waited.

Sure enough, after several moments he went en pointe and chattered softly at an unseen visitor. I didn't get a photo because I want her to hang around us and get comfortable, and I can't do that by spooking her with flashing lights. I slowly walked up to the window and there she was: a small cat, female by her build, and partly Siamese by her markings. Actually, if there's such a thing as a mocha calico, that's what she'd be. So I jiggled the doorknob to see if she'd run to the door to get in out of the cold, or run for cover. She startled, so I left off on opening the door. She's feral, or is becoming feral.

She finally got spooked by who knows what, and ran away, causing Diamond to howl some more briefly, then settle down on the windowsill to wait for her return. I went into the kitchen and then to the small closet and got her a bowl of food, then put it outside, giving the bowl a little shake to make the yummy food rattle. I'm kind of a snob about Diamond: I don't buy food that comes in supermarkets any more because I want Diamond to be extremely healthy and live as long as he can. I admit it; I'm selfish. At least she'll be getting some good grubbins if she comes back tonight! ;-) Hopefully she does come back and eat, because the crows and magpies in the area have figured me out from previous stray cats and watch my doorstep for cat food, which they will steal in the morning.

Diamond actually met this cat a few nights ago as I was coming home around 11pm. She didn't really run away from us, she came towards us, scoped us out, but then kept going, even though I was tossing her treats. This is a good sign, I'm certain she'll be back. Tomorrow night I'll put out some food with some egg stirred in. The next night, tuna oil.

During the day (since it already IS tomorrow LOL) I'll call Feral Cats Solutions and ask them to bring a cage out here so we can get her checked out.

For the time bieng, Diamond has a new crush. ;-)

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Cat Condo!

As promised, here's a photo of Diamond's new cat condo.
Diamond, lounging.

LOL, Condo, not tree. I had actually forgotten how big it was while I was paying it off. I wish I had had a video camera to capture his reaction, it was so precious it was almost... human. We got the condo into my bedroom, and then stomped on the floor to get him to come over. He saunters in, and he does this double take where he actually slows down and backs up half a step -- on four legs -- while his neck cranes to check it out. He didn't poof up in fear, he was just genuinly surprised. Then he got this look of genuine delight just before we picked him up and put him on the top.

He totally loves it. He's comfortable on all three levels (which is good because he's a LONG cat!) and he even knows to sharpen his imaginary claws on the slanted stabilizing boards and not other nearby furniture. :)

Monday, September 12, 2005


Diamond: "You know what mom?"
Me: "What hon?"
Diamond: "America could use a good laugh right about now."
Me: "Yes, yes it could."
Diamond: "Break out that one picture."
Me: "You got it sweety."

Diamond, imitating an old, old man, apparently a Cougar fan:
Little Old Man...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and Animals

The past seven or eight days have been, of course, a nightmare because of events down on the Gulf Coast.

I've been intentionally avoiding anything having to do with animals that don't involve my own cat, because if I focus on helping the local Red Cross I feel empowered, but if I think about those sweet, innocent animals, cats, dogs, whatever, I know I'll collapse into a blubbering mess. For me its just like if you took 10,000 newborn babies and filled the maternity ward where their incubators were with water and threatened to drown them. They're INNOCENTS. They can't help themselves or others, and it just breaks, I mean BREAKS my heart.

So here's a secure link for you:
Help pets Hurt by Katrina. Please donate to the Humane Society of the United States Disaster Rescue Teams today.