Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An upcoming visit to the Vet

Diamond's going to be a VERY unhappy fuzzy butt in the beginning of March. I've got two of his vaccinations scheduled, PLUS, I'm having a microchip installed in him. Luckily for him, most likely there will probably only be two injections, as the first two will probably be combined. (I hope.) Still, it's going to be a noisy day at the clinic. *Giggle* At my clinic, the microchip ONLY costs $30!! That's SO awesome!!!!

For those of you who own pets.. you know what the microchip is, right? (I still meet people who don't know about it.) They inject this very small microchip in your cat or dog's shoulder, and from then on, vet clinics and pet shelters can scan the animal, and if your beloved pet ever gets lost, the chip tells them the animal's owner's address!! SWEET!! In some cases, they also tattoo the inside of the animal's ear so pet rescuers will know to scan for the chip. I'm gonna tease the hell out of Diamond if he has to get a tat. Haaa! I just about did backflips (Yes, I can actually backflip...) when I found out it was so cheap at Diamond's clinic. {{{{{Hugs Diamond's Vet Clinic}}}}}

Also, I've bit the bullet and checked with a local nursing home about having Diamond make regular "pet therapy session" visits with their clients. I'm one of those people who gets kind of wierded out at nursing homes... but when I took Diamond to see a particular client last year at the request of my previous physician, Diamond LOVED it, and ever since has taken to flirting madly with elderly people who walk up to him. When they walk away, he turns around, looks at me with pouting eyes, and chuffs. *Headstearinghandles* Gee, THANKS! So I couldn't take the pouting anymore and talked to a particular home's activities director a couple of weeks ago.