Friday, September 05, 2008

GOOD Kitty!

Diamond is notoriously afraid of dogs, so today he down-right startled me by being gentle, calm, and quiet around a small 7 week-old Pekinese puppy. It wasn't because the puppy was quiet, once Diamond smacked an 8 week-old pug puppy. It was one of the few times I was thankful that Diamond is declawed, other than that I'm very against animal declawing. He showed some concern about the puppy's presence, but he absolutely behaved himself and didn't growl at all.

Only good can come of this. :)


Kj said...


I came across your blog after googling "service cats," and wonder if you know anything about the certification or laws regarding therapy cats? I want to get one to help combat stress, anxiety, and panic attacks, but have had a hard time finding information. It needs to be certified to be able to live in my apartment... You seem like you might know what's going on! I'd LOVE any info; my email is barefootsoprano at gmail dot com. I would appreciate it very much! (Your cat is absolutely beautiful, btw.)

N. Rodovsky said...

E-mail sent!